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Joe Medwick Multi-Signed Ball

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Joe Medwick Multi-Signed Ball

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Perhaps further research will divulge the secrets of this signed baseball. It’s an unofficial ball, in virtually pristine condition, and it bears the signings of three veterans from baseball’s Golden Age, but their association remains unclear. On the sweet spot there appears the penning of Johnny Hodapp (“10”) whose nine-year career was plied mostly in Cleveland. On the south panel we find the splendid autograph of Babe Herman (“10”), the indomitable free-spirit of Brooklyn and Wrigley acclaim… (lifetime .324, and he ain’t in Cooperstown!) And finally, on the north panel, is pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Joe Medwick’s beautiful autograph (“pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>9”). Charter member of the Gashouse Gang, Medwick was a natural of the first order and, as Hall of Famers of his generation are concerned, his is not an easy signature. Either the Medwick or the Babe Herman autograph will display as a single.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Signed  Joe Medwick,Johnny Hodapp

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