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“Jungletown World Series” Print

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“Jungletown World Series” Print

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Shocking the modern senses is this color print depicting diamond play as performed by Black caricutures. From a bygone era, the artist fully and flagrantly reports a scene of chaotic and undisciplined bedlam – with Afro-stereotypes as the principals. Clues leading us to determine the vintage of this piece don’t easily yield. Advertising on the left field wall plugs “Toro Mowing Machinery”, which could take us to the early 1920s. But then, the scoreboard references the insecticide, “D.D.T.”, which didn’t arrive for commercial use until WW II. Despite its profoundly disparaging graphics, the print may well be as recent as 1959. Such is suggested by the scoreboard as it courses a game between the “Dodgums” and the “No Soxs” – lampooning that year’s October match-up. In any event, this is art at the very edge. Now splendidly matted and framed to about 19″ x 18″, the exposed surface of the print is technically VG/EX as a function of two vertical creases – neither of which break the surface ply. It is otherwise impeccably clean.


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