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KISS Signed “Lick It Up” Album Cover (Simmons, Stanley, Vincent, Carr)

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KISS Signed “Lick It Up” Album Cover (Simmons, Stanley, Vincent, Carr)

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Rock ‘n’ Roll music was born in the fifties and grew up in the sixties and by the seventies it was branching out into numerous directions. Led Zeppelin and other heavy metal groups were in the forefront until the mid-seventies when the fans were getting bored with twenty to thirty minute guitar and drum solos. It is safe to say that Rock was in trouble and was in dire need of something new and different. The saving grace for Rock ‘N’ Roll was in the form of four painted faced musicians whose onstage outfits was of the likes that no one has ever seen before. Their name was KISS and they brought rock and roll back to a respectable volume – LOUD! Over the past three decades KISS has accomplished what other bands couldn’t come close to. Over the years the band had experienced some personnel changes but Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley kept it together and like a fine wine kept getting better over time. The offered signed album is the “unmasked” KISS line-up featuring Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, and Vinnie Vincent. The slightly soiled front cover displays some ring wear that detracts from the photo, and the back cover has a significant amount of paper loss over the albums center. The quality of the signatures vary with Vinnie Vincent and Paul Stanley being the strongest (8-9) and Eric Carr signed in the darkest area of the cover but can be viewed on askew (3-4). Unfortunately Gene Simmons signed on the back cover (7). Each signature was penned in black ball point.

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