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L.C. Greenwood Game-Worn Gold Shoes Steelers

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Winning Bid: $999.46

Winning Bid: $999.46

Auction ends: 2022-12-08 11:24
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L. C. Greenwood was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969 in the 10th round. In 1971, he became the starting left defensive end. One of the four members of Pittsburgh’s famous Steel Curtain, he remained there until retirement in 1981. Greenwood, who was 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 245 pounds, was a six-time Pro Bowl player and was named to the NFL All-Pro teams in 1974 and 1975. He was named All-AFC five times. He also led the Steelers six times in sacks with a career total of 73½ (sacks were an unofficial stat at the time). He was known for wearing gold-colored shoes on the football field to help announcers distinguish him from the higher-profile Joe Greene. Greenwood was called “Hollywood Bags” because of his desire to become an actor after retiring from football.

Behind the scenes of L.C. Greenwood’s gold shoes according to his website: In 1973, L.C. Greenwood was diagnosed by his team doctor with a severe ankle injury. The doctor suggested that if he wanted to play in Sunday’s game, he would have to wear high top shoes. Tony Parisi was one of the Steelers trainers and he had a friend who owned a shoe store in the Strip District. At the shoe store Tony was given a couple of pairs of black Riddell high tops. Back in the locker room, Tony asked L.C. to try them on and they fit perfectly. L.C. said, “Tony, I can’t wear these shoes, they are too ugly!” So Tony offered to paint them white. L.C. did not like that idea because Joe Namath wore white high tops, so Tony offered to paint them gold. L.C. agreed. When the gold shoes appeared in his locker L.C. hesitantly put them on and wore them on game day, and the Steelers won. On the following Sunday, L.C. wore them once more, and the Steelers won again. However, the next game, L.C.’s ankle was on the mend so he wore his regular shoes…The Steelers lost. Suddenly, fan mail started to pour in for L.C. begging him to wear the gold shoes because when he did, the Steelers won. They had become a good luck charm. Always a fan pleaser, L.C. adorned the gold shoes for many of the games.

Presented is a pair of Greenwood’s legendary golden turf shoes. It should be noted, the NFL not like his choice of footwear with many fines in the process. They are one the original early versions the equipment manager hand-painted for Greenwood that were worn on the field. They are an Adidas model with black laces (as shown on the cover of Sports Illustrated – January 14, 1980).  They show heavy wear/aging throughout on the leather and fading on the coloration.

One lucky fan obtained the shoes from a charity auction for $20 in 1984.  It was obtained directly from Joe Gordon, the director of communications for the Pittsburgh Steelers, from 3 Rivers Stadium.  It was from a WQED TV Auction.

Now fresh out of the Steel City, they are ready to continue the Steel Curtain legend along to a younger generation of Terrible Towel wavers.

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