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Laminated Photos from 5th St. (w/Decorative Boxing Gloves)

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Laminated Photos from 5th St. (w/Decorative Boxing Gloves)

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Adorning the halls and offices of the 5th St. Gym was this group of photographs – all laminated to wooden plaques for display. These are in reduced condition due to years of exposure to an atmosphere characterized by cigar smoke and intolerable humidity. Nonetheless, these mounted photographs are uniquely elemental to the spirit of the 5th St. Gym. A few of these are pertinent to local figures of note, but there’s an impressive representation of renown as well. Of the latter, we report images of Ezzard Charles, Bob Hope, Sonny Liston, Jack Dempsey, Jan Murray, a 1940s gathering of ‘the mob’ (naturally, none of them are specifically identified), and Doc Kearns (Dempsey’s manager who, in 1919, purportedly wrapped the champion’s hands in plaster for the Jess Willard fight). Most compelling in this collection, however, is a 1960 assembly of ring champions to include Beau Jack, Abe Attell, Barney Ross, Joey Maxim, Rocky Marciano, Max Schmeling, Joe Louis and several others. Included with this collection is a pair of decorative boxing gloves – Everlast, they are, smartly inscribed in felt tip Chris & Angelo Dundee.

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