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Larry Grantham’s Jets Super Bowl III Original Ring (Balfour) w/Signed Note From Grantham

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Larry Grantham’s Jets Super Bowl III Original Ring (Balfour) w/Signed Note From Grantham

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While Joe Namath was the apple of New York's eye, the Jets would never have claimed a Super Bowl triumph without the talents of Larry Grantham. The bone-crunching linebacker solidified the Jets' defense. Grantham, incidentally, was one of only 20 players to span the entire existence of the AFL.

The five-time AFL All-Star was presented this Super Bowl ring after the Jets shocked the world to defeat Baltimore in the third installment of what would be known as the Super Bowl. The ring shows some wear and it has never before been available to the public. The size "12 3/4" ring is highlighted with a center diamond (.80 carat) surrouned by six smaller diamonds (.40 carat), three on each side. And the diamonds are beautifully enhanced against the background of a green stone – the color familiarly identified with the Jets. "NEW YORK JETS" is embossed around the perimeter while the bottom features "WORLD CHAMPIONS." "1968" appears on the corners.

One shank reads "Super Bowl Jets 16…Colts 7…Execution"; the opposite side conveys "Grantham…60…Poise." All the expressed details remain distinct, but a small measure of wear (uniform) is evident throughout.

Engraved on the inside is "10k LGB" (i.e. "Lloyd Garfield Balfour"). The ring is 10k yellow gold. Balfour has created rings for only a few Super Bowls. This is Grantham's original ring and a signed letter from the linebacker will accompany.

Letter from Player

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