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Late 1950s Original Photograph of Elvis Presley On-Stage

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Late 1950s Original Photograph of Elvis Presley On-Stage

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One of the most criticized members of the press is the man behind the camera. Looked upon with antipathy by the general public yet applauded for capturing the photographs that sell magazines and newspapers. These modern day news photographers, known better as the “paparazzi” have evolved into over-aggressive, risk taking bloodhounds that will stalk their subject to capture a candid moment in time in the life of a popular celebrity. In many ways it is a “double-edged sword” many of the most marketable photographs taken by the paparazzi have increased the popularity of many celebrities. On the other hand their relentlessness has ended in tragedy, for example Princess Diana. The following original press photographs are vintage by nature and represent the finest in candid photography. Each offered photograph was published by and certainly was used to increase the popularity of the celebrity show. Each photograph is black and white and was printed on glossy photo paper consistent with newspaper and magazine specifications. All are original prints and each print features a small thumbtack hole in the corners. These minor imperfects do not interfere with the subject matter and do not compromise the overall beauty of the photograph.

Exquisite side stage shot of Elvis Presley from the late 1950s. Visible in the foreground is huge bass played by the Jordanaires bassist. Interestingly this particular bass is owned by former Beatle Paul McCartney.

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