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Lebron James Practice-Used Team USA Jersey (Double Sided) w/Photo

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Lebron James Practice-Used Team USA Jersey (Double Sided) w/Photo

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Team USA has taken quite a beating, literally and figuratively, against international competition. It used to be a given that the ol’ USA would bring home the gold. Now, our finest basketball players have come together in hopes of rekindling the fire. Leading the group is Lebron James. King James is the most recognizable roundballer today.

James wore this size “2 XL” Nike reversible jersey during practice sessions in Colorado. This white/navy blue reversible double mesh jersey was originally obtained from the team. There is no paperwork to support this claim. The blue side features a size “2 XL” tag and “Length +4” flag designator. A photo of Lebron wearing this style (wearing the same number)of jersey will be forwarded to the winning bidder.

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