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Led Zepplin Signed CD Display (Page, Plant, Jones)

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Led Zepplin Signed CD Display (Page, Plant, Jones)

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Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968 after the sudden break-up of The Yardbirds. After the release of their debut album, they sky-rocketed to top of the charts, and have remained a fan favorite. The band included singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John “Bonzo” Bonham who tragically passed away in 1980. . The remaining three band members perfectly signed this “Zeppelin IV” CD cover responsibly in blue felt tip. The signed cover is matted and framed with an early 1970’s photograph of the entire band. This wonderful display measures 17 ¾” X 22 ¼”.

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1968,Signed  Jimmy Page,John Paul,Paul Jones,Robert Plant

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