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Lefty O’Doul Multi-Signed Ball

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Lefty O’Doul Multi-Signed Ball

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Most of the 20 signatures on this baseball are too light for identification. However, the best guess is that it dates to the late 1920’s (or early ’30’s) and that its signers were rostered with the PCL’s San Francisco Seals. Fortunately, the strongest autograph is that of Lefty O’Doul – one of the finest hitters in the game’s history. His signature boldly radiates here at a quality of “7”. Others that are immediately discernible are Bob Johnson, Gus Suhr, George Metkovich, Bob Joyce and Sam Gibson.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Baseball,Signed  Bob Johnson,Bob Joyce,George Metkovich,Gus Suhr,Sam Gibson

Auction End: 05-Apr-05  Post Views: 2144

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