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Len Bias Maryland Game-Worn Uniform

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Len Bias Maryland Game-Worn Uniform

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Oh, how history would have changed had Len Bias not met with tragedy immediately following the 1986 NBA draft. As the #2 pick in the entire draft, the Celtics desperately needed his size, strength, speed and agility to counter the Lakers’ James Worthy’s growing open-floor dominance. Had Bias played and flourished with the green, the Celtics would have been better than even money to finish the Bird era on top, as opposed to bridesmaids. History ended early for Bias, but his college career was a trumpeted success. His University of Maryland Terrapins had long been known as “wearing on the edge”, meaning they were innovators in uniform trends. No, they weren’t wild and outlandish like Marquette or Jacksonville, but despite some conservatism, they always looked stylish. Their ’60’s and ’70’s uniforms featured excessive piping and trim, trunks with identifiers and a multitude of school name identifiers. They were one of the first colleges to use NOB’s (along with Duke), and they were decidedly colorful. This Len Bias, University of Maryland, uniform – in fluorescent yellow dazzle cloth – may have shocked the Board of Regents, but it was well-conceived, if a bit bright. The jersey trim is triple colored, as is the waistband of the trunks. And the school name, at 4″ in height with drop shadow font, is daring. Champion’s squatty numeral font is present, as is its thick, single-color NOB font. One would expect the trunks to make a statement, and they do – simplistically, with an interlocking “UM” designator. The jersey sports Champion’s mid-’80’s label with a “3” extra length” flag tag. The trunks label (Champion L) has dual flag tags, designating 1″ extra rise and inseam. The jersey shows light wear, while the trunks show ample label and drawstring wear. A picture of Bias wearing the style accompanies this ensemble. While Bias’ NBA career never got started, he is fondly remembered for his sensational collegiate achievements and … what might have been. Ask the Celtics – even the Lakers and Pistons – how he would have changed the late ’80’s NBA landscape. Sourced from the friend of a former UM teammate.

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