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LETS GO BLUE! Collection – 50 Different University of Michigan Signed Photos (67 Sigs.)

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LETS GO BLUE! Collection – 50 Different University of Michigan Signed Photos (67 Sigs.)

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Each autumn in Michigan, Wolverine fans gear up for another year of football. This collection features 50 signed photos, 67 total autographs. Each is penned in felt tip ink with some inscribed “Go Blue.” The signatures average “9-10”. Photos from the following include: Gordon Bell, Jim Betts, Mark Campbell, Anthony Carter, Ralph Clayton, Cedric Coles, Clint Copenhaver, Thom Darden, Russell Davis and Rick Leach, Tom Dixon, Leach and Walt Downing, Scott Driesbach, Bill Dufek, Don Dufek, Craig Dunaway, Stan Edwards, Mike Evans, Chris Floyd, Mike Hammerstein, Harlan Huckleby, Stephan Humphries, Ron Kramer, Mike Jolly, Rob Lytle, Reggie McKenzie, Mark Messner, Alan Mitchell, Don Moorhead, Jamie Morris, John Navarre, Calvin O’Neal, Tony Pape, Terrace Quinn, Marcus Ray, Paul Seymour, Aaron Shea, Ron Simpkins, Steve Smith, Paul Staroba, Rick Strenger, Billy Taylor, Mike Taylor (#9), Mike Taylor (#33), Derek Walker, John Wangler and Andre Weathers.

ALso included are three multi-signed team photos. The breakdown is as follows.

1) 1979 team photo signed by: Ralph Clayton, Rich Strenger, Cedric Coles, Alan Mitchell and Craig Dunaway.

2) 1969 upset over Ohio State photo signed by: Paul Seymour, Don Moorhead, Paul Staroba, Billy Taylor and Jim Betts.

3) 1997 National Champs photo signed by: James Withers, Shea, Driesbach, Campbell, Copenhaver, Chris Floyd, Weathers, Ray and Quinn.

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1969,1979,1997,College,Photo,Signed  Anthony Carter,Billy Taylor,Don Dufek,Paul Seymour,Reggie McKenzie,Rick Leach,Ron Kramer,Russell Davis,Steve Smith

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