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Los Angeles Dodgers Bobblehead

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Los Angeles Dodgers Bobblehead

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We knew they made Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris bobble heads but Sandy Koufax? While this nodder doesn’t have Koufax’s facial features, it does sport his famous “32” on the front. The gold base nodder was produced from 1966-71 and survived marvelously. A few minor black scuffs appear on the back but they may be able to be cleaned off. The “A” on LA, placed on the top of the cap, has rubbed off a bit. This guy is ready to be placed atop, high atop, the mantle of any true Dodgers fan. The head is in great condition with only a minor rub on the left portion of the chin. Simply a remarkable Dodger nodder.

Bobbing Head,Los Angeles Dodgers  Mickey Mantle,Roger Maris,Sandy Koufax

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