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“Lost in Space” 1965 Cast Autographed Photo

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“Lost in Space” 1965 Cast Autographed Photo

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Remember the amusing ’60s science fiction show with the interstellar space travelers and their wacky robot? Thanks to reruns and DVDs, multiple generations have enjoyed the adventures of “Lost In Space”, where the Robinson family (the cosmic continuation of “Swiss Family Robinson”) get lost trying to reach Alpha Centauri and wind up shipwrecked in an alien world. The show ran for three seasons (with 83 episodes airing between 1965 and 1968). This is an marvelous 11” x 14” black and white promo photo autographed by Mark Goddard (Major Don West), Bill Mumy (Will Robinson), Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson), and Marta Kristin (Judy Robinson). It is a campy pose with the characters in their silvery space suit costumes and the blue felt tip autographs are “8-9” (as a function only of the varied hues in the background).

PSA-DNA Certification Label

1965,Photo,Signed  Angela Cartwright,Bill Mumy,Don West,Mark Goddard,Penny Robinson

Auction End: 18-Nov-07  Post Views: 1915

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