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Marilyn Monroe Original Photo Used On Her First International Cover

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We are proud to present  for auction a very rare seldom offered original B&W photo of Marilyn Monroe. This is the original 1st generation photo of Marilyn Monroe used in the Sunbathing Review Cover -1958. The photo measures 8″ x 11 5/8″ in size. On the reverse is stamped  “Sunbathing Review”. 1950 is written and circled . Photo credit is stamped Andre de Dienes , 1401 Sunset Plaza Drive, Hollywood 46 , California.

The photo was originally done circa. late ’40’s early ’50’s.  After Norma Jean’s modeling agency sent her over to De Dienes, he was so enamoured by her that he took her on as his Muse.  He paid Norma Jean $200 to travel around the world with him.  During this trip he shot photos of her as stock photos.  They became life long friends.  He then, marketed these photos to several different magazine outlets.  On this particular photo, the 1950 stamping was likely for the magazine “Modern Man”, and 1950, likely to be the date that the photo was printed.  Modern Man obviously had the rights to use this stock photo first.  Later, De Dienes, sold it off to “Sunbathing Review” for Norma Jean’s first international cover in 1958.

In the bottom left hand corner we have written “0642-b” which means that this was De Dienes file copy.  Rather than rifle through negatives, he would have printed this photo, so he could reference it easily.

Andre de Dienes was the first professional photographer to work with Monroe when she was known simply as Norma Jean. It is further stamped on the back that this photograph is  for one reproduction right only and not copied. This photo has a very close up striking image of Marilyn with her hands closed together on her left cheek. The rarity of this photo cannot be understated. These are one of a kind items and this is the only photo made.

Michael Peterson-Photography Expert, has reviewed the photo and authenticates this as an original first generation print.



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2 reviews for Marilyn Monroe Original Photo Used On Her First International Cover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Saddam Zaid

    Rare photo!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Saddam Zaid


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