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Marilyn Monroe Signed Check Display (Check Written in Her Handwriting)

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Marilyn Monroe Signed Check Display (Check Written in Her Handwriting)

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Embellished by a couple photos of the magnificent siren, we offer this fully executed Marilyn Monroe check from 1959. While she exploited her public persona with skill, Monroe was also very capable in guiding her business destiny. This particular check was drawn from her “Marilyn Monroe Productions” corporation in New York, and we must assume that its $104 routinely neutralized a commercial debt. The name of the payee is obscured by the bank’s cancellation, but thoughtfully, Marilyn extended her season’s greetings in the memo. The check is once-folded, and it has a small puncture, quite removed from any particulars. All of the details are handwritten in ballpoint (though we can’t confirm that all these are in her hand). The signature, however, certainly is. That signing, as resonant as her being, is a work of art. It is moderately encroached by the bank cancellation, yet it flows to a quality of “9”. The check, with its supporting elements, is double matted and lavishly framed to 27″ x 20 1/2″.

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