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Marlon Brando Cut Signature and Al Pacino Autographed Print

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Marlon Brando Cut Signature and Al Pacino Autographed Print

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Many critics consider Brando the greatest actor of his time. Of all his ground-breaking roles, he’ll always be remembered best as Don Vito Corleone, the lead character in “The Godfather” epic. Alongside Brando in the film was Al Pacino, who also became known for his outstanding role as Corleone’s son, who eventually assumed reins of the family’s syndicate. Presented here are two splendid pieces of cinema memorabilia. First is an impeccable 20″ x 25″ picture of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, in one of the famous scenes from “The Godfather.” It’s autographed in silver paint pen by Pacino, rating “10” in quality. Accompanying the picture is a Marlon Brando signature cut, signed exquisitely in blue ballpoint. Both signatures are PSA/DNA authenticated and would make a great display piece.

PSA-DNA Certification Label, PSA-DNA Slab

Picture,Signed  Al Pacino,Don Vito,Marlon Brando,Vito Corleone

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