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Martin Acoustic Guitar Signed 30th Anniversary D-35


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Presented is a rare Martin acoustic guitar that was made to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the D-35 Dreadnought guitar IN 1995.

In 1965, Martin Dreadnought guitar production was booming because of folk music. During the selection and inspection of the rosewood guitar components, it was fairly common to reject an otherwise two piece back due to a small knot or defect within the area of the guitar pattern. To make use of the”rejected” materials, Martin developed the D-35 model which featured a three piece back comprised of two matching outer wings and a contrasting triangular shaped center wedge. This enabled smaller pieces of wood to be utilized. The decision was particularly significant, offering a visually attractive design and yielding a well balanced guitar model ideal for rhythm and flatpicking styles. Perhaps more importantly, the D-35 provided an extremely efficient and sensible format to prevent he waste of valuable and precious components. With current concerns about rain forest issues, the need to fully utilize natural resources has become even more critical, and the D-35 has set an example for responsible material use.

The first prototypes of the original D-35 model yielded a powerful bass response that was attributed to the unique vibrating pattern of the newly designed three piece back. To balance such a strong bass, top braces were thinned. The lighter braces livened up the vibration of the top, providing the needed treble range to balance the tone. Those thinner braces are still used today and have evolved to include the extremely popular scalloping on selected models. This combination is referred to ast Martin as “high performance bracing”, a feature which appears on this 30th Anniversary model.

The back of the commemorative D-35 features two East Indian rosewood wings and a contrasting Brazilian rosewood center wedge, demarkated with the traditional Style 35 white/black/white purfling used around the perimeter of the top and the back, with the characteristic Style 35 black/white/black/white side inlay that aligns gracefully with a matching heel cap.

The headplate features Indian rosewood wings and a Brazilian rosewood wedge, inlaid with miniature white/blac/white purfling that matches the unique design of the the three piece back. The new raised gold “C.F. Martin & Co,” logo appears on the head stock. Tuning machines selected for this model are the open gear variety with beautifully shaped “butterbean” knobs. These have been recreated in chrome for the edition. A tortoise colored pickguard, applied on top of the finish, has been delicately hand-beveled and polished to approximate the under-the-finish appearance of 1965 era pickguards.

Each limited edition D-35 30th Anniversary guitar bears a paper label, personally signed by C.F. Martin IV. The edition was limited to 207 individually numbered instruments, which is the number of original D-35’s made in 1965.

The guitar is in immaculate showroom condition and has never been played. It has remained as an investment in a collection and includes the original case just like it was purchased yesterday.



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