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Massive 1970s – 1990s Rock ‘n’ Roll Promotional Button Collection

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Massive 1970s – 1990s Rock ‘n’ Roll Promotional Button Collection

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Marketing and entertainment have always gone hand-in-hand. The entertainment industry spends millions in promoting various projects that range from movies to record albums. Elaborate advertising campaigns are devised to promote the biggest stars and the unheard-of newcomers. Offered is a collection of promotional buttons that was assembled by a very ambitious fan. In this collection we found a substantial number of buttons and pins that were not commercially available. Of particular note are: The Rolling Stones; Cream; Elvis; The Beatles; Billy Preston; AC DC; David Bowie; Iron Maiden; B.B. King; Spyro Gyra; Taj Mahal (sealed); Cyndi Lauper; Van Morrison; Modern English; “Sleepwalkers”, Stephen King (sealed); “Cat People”; “I Saw E.T.”; “Ghostbusters”; “Dirty Dancing”; and much more. This massive collection consists of more than two hundred buttons and pins from the 1970s to through the 1990s.

Movie,Pin,Record  Billy Preston,Cyndi Lauper,David Bowie,Stephen King,Van Morrison

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