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Massive Collection of Single-Signed Negro Leagues Balls (50 w/Biot, O’Neil, Benson, Collins)

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Massive Collection of Single-Signed Negro Leagues Balls (50 w/Biot, O’Neil, Benson, Collins)

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Never before has AMI offered so many single-signed baseballs from Negro League greats. This immense collection features 50 single-signed OAL, OML or ONL baseballs by a number of the leagues’ prominent members. The majority are signed (“9-10”) on the sweet spot in ballpoint and include the player’s years of service. The lengthy list (with the deceased players in bold) includes: Otha Bailey, trong>Gene Benson, Joe Black, Charlie Biot, Willie Butler, Bill Cash, Willie Cauldwell, trong>Gene Collins, Bill Deck, Mahlon Duckett, Stanley Glenn, trong>Lacy Ellerbe, Harold Gould, Bill Greason, Chuck Harmon, trong>Wilmer Harris, Pancho Herra, Carl Holden, Herman Doc Horn, Monte Irvin, trong>James Pee Wee Jenkins, Bryon Johnson, Connie Johnson, Marvin Jones, trong>Larry Kimbrough, Jim Lefty Lamarque, Vincent Lee, Enrique Moroto, trong>Otis Mathews, Buck O’Neil, Bill Owens, Ralph Palmer, trong>Dave Pope, Roscoe Price, trong>Ulysses Hickory Redd, Jim Robinson, Tommy Sampson, Jake Sanders, Freddie Shepard, Pedro Sierra, Robert Scott, trong>Allie Thomkins, trong>Harold Hooks Tinker, Thomas Turner, Johnny Washington, Jim Wilkes, Larry Williams, trong>Walter Williams, Albert Williamson and Bunney Warren.

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Ball,Baseball,Signed  Albert Williamson,Bill Cash,Bill Deck,Bill Greason,Bill Owens,Carl Holden,Charlie Biot,Chuck Harmon,Connie Johnson,Enrique Moroto,Freddie Shepard,Harold Gould,Jake Sanders,Jim Lefty,Jim Robinson,Jim Wilkes,Joe Black,Johnny Washington,Larry Williams,Marvi

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