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Mickey Mantle Hand-Written Speech

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Mickey Mantle Hand-Written Speech

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In preparation for a speech that he was to deliver, Mickey Mantle penned these extensive notes. The medium is an 8″ x 10″ sheet with Greer Johnson letterhead, and though it’s undated, we know that this event took place sometime after 1985 (probably 1988). Nearly in its entirety, this prepared prompt was scribed in blue felt tip. And though they’re acceptably legible, these notes for his speech are forgivably full of grammatical transgressions. In full, the outline details – “Sheraton-Center (6-6:30) Versailes Suite 2nd floor. Thanx Whitey we propably had more toast’s in NYC. I could still be playin if not for Slick Might have won for havin best rest. (NYC) 1952 won T.O.T. [Toast of the Town] award in Commerce We won W.S. my check $5000 Bought more beer’s than all the miner’s put together Lasorda – Never thought i’d be on NY writer Like to congat. Tom Seaver – Viola – Hersheiser – Gibson – & Conseca – I didn’t know 40 HRs & 40 SB’s was such a big deal I’d have done it a couple times. Also Larrusa & Lasorda too bad about nose job Tom! – NY writer’s Best Dinner as Casey said you could look it up – Thanx see you at my joint as Toots used to say – *Thought Geo would win but had to go fire pope.” Now, we’re sure all this equated to a very eloquent presentation and that Mick interacted perfectly with his audience. But, if we’ve ever wondered how Mantle navigated through those dinner speeches, this single, handwritten sheet provides the answer.

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