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Mid ’70s O.J. Simpson Game-Worn Bills Jersey (w/Provenance)

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Mid ’70s O.J. Simpson Game-Worn Bills Jersey (w/Provenance)

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O.J. Simpson’s football life was one of magic and amazement. When lists of the top all-time running backs are compiled, O.J.’s name is near the top. A Heisman winner at USC, Simpson continued his brilliance in the NFL. While legal issues continue to arise, one thing is certain – O.J. Simpson was one of football’s best.

This size "L" Champion-made jersey was worn by the Juice in the early to mid ’70s. Decent use is shown on the mesh pullover with a crossover V-neck. There are a few hit marks apparent on the shoulders. The NOB is screened directly to the jersey below the neck seam. Although the placement looks low this was favored on occasion. A photo of Simpson (home) wearing a jersey with a low NOB placement (without nameplate) will be forwarded to the winning bidder and is available on-line. While the norm for the Bills of this era (whether it was with Rawlings for the heavy jerseys or Champions with mesh) was nameplates for NOBs. All the clubs that used Champion mesh jerseys during the early ’70s had jerseys with player’s names screened directly onto the jersey backs. For the St. Louis Cardinals and New England Patriots red home jerseys, no nameplates were the norm. For the Jets and Bills, nameplates were more prevalent but many non-nameplate exemplars point to their existence also.

All of the numeric identifiers are screened on in two-color formation. The sleeve ends are ribbed. Sewn in the tail is a Champion size "L" tag. It should be noted that the jersey demonstrates extensive extra length which differentiates it from Simpson samples and generic representations of the era. Namath and Simpson jerseys were used by Rochester, N.Y. based Champion as salesman’s samples, but the samples were not cut with special features like extensive extra length, cross-over necklines and extended 2" ribbed sleeve cuffs.

Authenticity is secured with a signed letter from Michael Gilbert, O.J.’s agent. According to the letter: "This will confirm you have in your possession one Buffalo Bills game jersey #32. This jersey was worn and owned by O.J. Simpson."

100% Authentic Team

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