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Mike Schmidt Game Used Signed Glove

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Mike Schmidt Game Used Signed Glove

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We resist the urge to digress into the innumerable slugging feats that he registered. That Mike Schmidt was a Hall of Fame hitter of epic degree is well-documented. Instead, we here emphasize the mastery that he exacted at third base. Fans and collectors alike prefer to revere stars of yore as the blueprints of perfection. But Schmidt should really be celebrated as the consummate player by which others should be measured. This guy captured ten Gold Glove Awards – this doesn’t happen by drawing straws. With exceptional range, lightening reflexes, and a strong and true throwing arm, he convincingly demonstrated that professional virtue had to be demonstrated in both frames of every inning. Here then, is one of his on-field gloves. It’s a Franklin “Personal Model Mike Schmidt” with abundant evidence of game use. Traces of pine tar in the glove’s pocket and at the internal palm area bear mute testimony of its extensive use. All aspects of this relic are fully satisfactory – there’s no damage to any of its elements, nor evidence of repairs or restoration. Broadly, on the thumb’s reverse there appear “20” and Schmidt’s autograph – the former placed in black marker; the latter in blue Sharpie (9-10). And finally, this splendid glove is accompanied by an LOA signed by Schmidt attesting to his using this glove “during the mid 80’s.”

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, 100% Authentic Team, Mike Schmidt Letter

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