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Minnesota Muskies 1967-68 ABA Promo Schedule Poster

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Minnesota Muskies 1967-68 ABA Promo Schedule Poster

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This colorful cardboard poster hearkens to the one and only year of Minnesota Muskies existence in the form of their full 1967-68 home schedule. The charter ABA franchise came out the gate quickly with a surplus of talent, including ABA-NBA first-round draft pick Mel Daniels, a Rookie of the Year selection who would dominate the league for years to come, and Donnie Freeman and Les Hunter, perennial All-Stars themselves. For reasons that remain largely unknown, management sold Daniels to the Pacers and moved the team to Florida (Miami Floridians) despite strong attendance and a lucrative television contract. Such was life in the ABA at the time, and the frequent movement serves to explain why relics such as this remain so scarce and highly-prized. A standard 14” x 22” in dimension, the display remains in EX/MT condition.

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