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Muhammad Ali News Photo from 5th St. Gym

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Muhammad Ali News Photo from 5th St. Gym

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Long displayed in the 5th St. Gym was this news photo, attributed to the Miami News. The subject at hand, as captioned via dymo along the lower border, “Muhammad Ali World Heavyweight Champion Fifth Street Gym May 17 1967.” There are some subtleties in this piece well worthy of note. This was Ali in his prime. He was 25 years old in this picture, and he was the World Heavyweight Champion. It all came crashing down just a few months later, though, as Ali was stripped of his crown for defying military induction. Criminal charges were leveled against him, and he essentially went into exile. (Through this struggle of wills, however, Japan and the U.K. still recognized his championship title.) Though inadvertent, but oddly juxtaposed in the background of this photo, is the American Flag. The photograph, an 8″ x 10″, bears a couple harmless printer’s marks, but it’s otherwise in EX condition.

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