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Negro League Greats Multi-Signed LE Bat (107 Sigs.)

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Negro League Greats Multi-Signed LE Bat (107 Sigs.)

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As the years go by, baseball’s community has grown to realize just how good the Negro Leagues really were. One show promoter ambitiously set about to unite the signatures of 107 who labored in that institution. Since that signing in the 1990s was conducted, over half of them (65, as of this writing) have perished. This bat is signed in blue felt tip by the guys who paved the way for many of today’s valued stars. And this one, in particular, is a limited edition, numbered “32/40.”

Included are: Casey Jones, Jim Cohen, Emilio Navarro, Andy Porter, George Long, Ted Rasberry, trong>Buck O’Neil, Harry Rhodes, Willie Grace, Jimmy Dean, Mamie Peanut Johnson, Artie Johnson, Bob Boyd, Herm Purcell, Reuben Smartt, Henry Kimbro, Slick Surratt, Herman Doc Horn, Roscoe Price, Willie Lee, Bill Greason, Ralph Palmer, Piper Davis, Jim Lefty LaMarque, Sammy Robinson, Jesse Rogers, trong>Minnie Minoso, Claro Duany, Art Superman Pennington, Rodolfo Fernandez, trong>Monte Irvin, Nap Gulley, Jake Sanders, Hank Mason, trong>Double Duty Radcliffe, Nat McClinic, Sherwood Brewer, Cecil Kaiser, Russell Awkard, Gene Collins, Jim Zapp, Jim McCurine, Bill Bell, trong>Lester Lockett, Herb Moore, Ernest Johnson, William Bobby Robinson, Henry Saverson, Byron Mex Johnson, Vincent Lee, George Altman, Lionel Evelyn, Willie Pope, Dave Pope, Ray Noble, Sam Barber, Ben Adams, Harold Hooks, trong>Sam Jethroe, Harold Tinker, James Forbes, Otis Mathews, Josh Johnson, Ed Finney, Lee Moody, Ron Teasley, Frank Duncan Jr., Jim Moore, Lacy Ellerbe, Ernest Burke, Jim Wilkes, Connie Johnson, Marvin Jones, Wilmer Harris, Herald Bee Bop Gordon, Ulysses Hollimon, Larry Kimbrough, Ray Miller, trong>Gene Benson, Bill Ready Cash, Joe B. Scott, trong>Mahlon Duckett, Willie C. Young, Nat Peeples, Armando Vazquez, Warren Peace, Sam Hairston, trong>Lyman Bostock Sr., Stanley Glenn, Willie Pat Baker, Otha Baily, William Powell, Laymon Ramsey, William Red Lindsay, trong>Charlie Biot, Frank Pearson, Fred Shepard, Clyde Williams, Sid Bunch, Verdell Mathis, Butch McCord, Wesley Doc Dennis, Jeshoie Heard and Doc Dennis.

A letter from the show promoter will also be forwarded to the winning bidder.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, Letter from Show Promoter

Bat,Letter,Signed  Andy Porter,Armando Vazquez,Ben Adams,Bill Bell,Bill Greason,Bill Ready,Bob Boyd,Bobby Robinson,Byron Mex,Casey Jones,Cecil Kaiser,Clyde Williams,Connie Johnson,Dave Pope,Ed Finney,Emilio Navarro,Ernest Burke,Ernest Johnson,Frank Duncan,Frank Pearson,Gen

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