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Negro League Legends Signed Photo Display

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Negro League Legends Signed Photo Display

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 Crisp and unique color 8×10 photograph depicting 50 Negro Leagues Legends assembled at Satchel Paige Memorial Stadium to commemorate the opening of Kansas City’s Cultural Heritage Center & Museum. Each signed this impressive display in the early-90’s. Numerous passings over the years make the proposition of a putting a similar piece together an impossibility. Includes: Willie Lee, Quack Brown, Mickey Stubblefield, Beach Smith, Doc Horn, Tony Lloyd, Larry Williams, Buck O’Neil, Coot Williams, High Pockets Turner, Sam Brison, Jim Zapp, Thomas Burt, John Bissant, Sap Ivory, John Loopie Jackson, Benny Felder, Robert Underwood, Eugene Smith, Ray Haggins, Ollie Brantley, Red Harris, Jelly Taylor, Briefcase Simpson, Dirk Gibbons, Rueben Williams, Frank Evans, Ed Scott, James Woods, Wiilie Curry, Curley Williams, Archie Dropo Young, Dick Phillips, Charles Davis, Charles Wells, Frank Ensley, Eugene Elliott, Leroy Miller, N.L. Jones, Pistol Mason, Raymon Lacy, Clifford DuBose, Earnest Harris, Bo Maddix, Ray Aguillard, Sonny Smith, Butch McCord, John Mitchell, Bunny Warren, and John Gibbons. Each in-person signature is signed in blue sharpie and MINT.

PSA-DNA Pre-Certified

Photo,Signed,Stadium  Archie Dropo,Benny Felder,Bo Maddix,Charles Davis,Charles Wells,Clifford Dubose,Dick Phillips,Dirk Gibbons,Earnest Harris,Ed Scott,Eugene Elliott,Eugene Smith,Frank Ensley,Frank Evans,James Woods,Jim Zapp,John Bissant,John Gibbons,John Loopie,John Mitche

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