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Negro Leagues Multi-Signed Ball

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Negro Leagues Multi-Signed Ball

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Penned in the early ’90s, this perfect ONL (White) baseball holds the autographs of 20 veterans of the Negro Leagues. All of these signatures are “9-10”. In detail, there are included here: Gene Benson (who also signed his first name only), Jim Cohen, Jimmie Crutchfield (sweet spot), Frank Evans [Cleveland Buckeyes], Wilmer Fields, Josh Gibson Jr., Nap Gulley, Bob Harvey, Cowan [Bubba] Hyde, trong>Monte Irvin, Elmer Knox, trong>Buck Leonard (sweet spot), Lester Lockett, John Mule Miles, Pat [Willie] Patterson, Willie Pope, Thomas Sampson, Jake Sanders, Quincy Trouppe, and A[rmando] Vazquez.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Baseball,Signed  Bob Harvey,Elmer Knox,Frank Evans,Gene Benson,Jake Sanders,Jim Cohen,Jimmie Crutchfield,John Mule,Josh Gibson,Lester Lockett,Quincy Trouppe,Willie Pope,Wilmer Fields

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