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Nelson Mandela “The Struggle Is My Life” Signed Book

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Nelson Mandela “The Struggle Is My Life” Signed Book

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To the outrage of most of the Free World, Nelson Mandela (along with a group of other defendants) was in 1964 convicted of treason against the government of the Union of South Africa. At the time, he was already serving a five-year term for crimes roughly defined as sedition. The 1964 conviction was exacted by a shamefully biased court, spirited by South Africa’s discriminatory institution of apartheid. Mandela was imprisoned for nearly three decades, until a flicker of social tolerance evolved in the country. (But South Africa, due to apartheid in general and Mandela’s suffering in particular, buckled under heated remonstrances hurled by the rest of the world.) Ultimately, he was released in 1990, to become the country’s president and, more profoundly, Nelson Mandela won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. In the course of these later years, he wrote three books. The first of these was titled The Struggle is My Life which was first published in 1986. Here offered is a copy of the fourth printing (1990). It’s a paperbound publication which is in EX/MT condition. The central feature, though, is his autograph which appears on the title page. In ballpoint, it’s dated and personalized – all of it perfectly clean and immediately legible. Penning “To Mike England, Best Wishes, Mandela, 8.12.99“, he signed his last name only. The writing in its entirety merits “trong>9-10” in quality.

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