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No-Hitter Multi-Signed Ball (Feller, Vandermeer, Spahn, Perry)

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No-Hitter Multi-Signed Ball (Feller, Vandermeer, Spahn, Perry)

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For a pitcher, it doesn’t much bigger than a no-hitter. Everything seems to fall into place on the day a no-hitter takes place. Most Major League pitchers never flirt with a no-no. Ever so often, a pitcher catches lightning in a bottle and tosses a gem. The pitchers featured on this ball all threw no-hitters in their careers. Those who signed this ONL (White) ball include: Allie Reynolds, Jim Maloney, Warren Spahn, Mel Parnell, Ewell Blackwell, Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, Rex Barney (sweet spot), Johnny Vandermeer, Gaylord Perry and Lew Burdette. All of the signatures rate (“10”).

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, James Spence Authentication

Ball,Major League,Signed  Allie Reynolds,Bob Feller,Bob Lemon,Gaylord Perry,Jim Maloney,Johnny Vandermeer,Mel Parnell,Rex Barney,Warren Spahn

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