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Novak Djokovic Game-Used Custom Head Tennis Racquet. 2018 ATP Cincinnati Masters. Famous ‘Smash’ Racquet.

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Novak Djokovic’s Game-Used Custom Head Tennis Racquet famously smashed at the 2018 ATP Cincinnati Masters.  Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in the Final, becoming the first player to ever claim all 9 Masters titles on the ATP circuit.  This racquet was an original piece of Novak’s on-court equipment, and was used during his quarterfinal match against Milos Raonic.  After having his serve broken by Raonic in the 1st set, an enraged Djokovic smashed his racquet on the court before calmly returning to win the 1st set and the match 7-5, 4-6, 6-3.  On offer is the exact racquet Djokovic smashed on court.  Djokovic went on to win the tournament.  Upon close inspection, you will come to find this item in the following condition:  This racquet was used by Novak on-court during his quarterfinal match-up against Milos Raonic on August 17, 2018.  The racquet was being used during the 1st set of play, when an enraged Djokovic smashed the racquet on the court surface.  The racquet is damaged and quite unique.  The head frame has completely broken on one side.  There are cracks to the throat in 3 places.  There is an additional crack in the frame at the top of the head.  Faint remnants of the court surface is visible at contact points.  The string dampener became dislodged and is missing.  Strings are still attached and intact, albeit damaged.  The frame still remains in one piece, while severely damaged.  Please see the provided photographs of the incident as you can see the damage is a 100% photo match. 

You can read about this racquet and the incident in the following published articles:



Please take a moment to review the authentication notes provided, as well as the provided photographs:

1.  Novak’s custom Head racquet.  Custom designed exclusively for Novak, and differs in many ways when compared to the retail model sold to the public. 

2.  “NOVAK” detail painted into throat of racquet.  This detail appears on Novak’s personal/custom racquets.  Retail versions would carry retail specification labels in this area.

3.  Novak’s racquet is slightly heavier compared to the retail versions.  Novak has custom lead weights inserted in the head frame, and his racquet is produced in a different manner than retail versions.

4.  Label to inside of throat reads:  FRI 29.0.  The match versus Ranoic took place on Friday, August 17.  This label is related to the stringing of the racquet prior to his match.

5.  Novak’s cusotm racquet has an 18×19 string pattern, compared to the 18×20 on similar retail versions.

6.  4 3/8 grip size.  Original grip tape is still intact.

7.  Additional custom details apply.

An absolutely stunning and iconic Djokovic racquet with stunning details from his epic 2018 ATP Cincinnati Masters title victory.  Djokovic became the first player to EVER claim all 9 Masters Titles at this event.  A truly rare and special item with an interesting story to tell.  The item was collected in person from Djokovic after the match in Cincinnati.

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