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WOW!! Lot of (38) – 1974 Watergate Judiciary Committee Collection Incl. First Day Covers (FDC) Signed* by All Committee Members, Letters etc.

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OE WOW!! 38 – 1974 Watergate Judiciary Committee Collection Incl. First Day Covers (FDC) Signed* by All Committee Members, Letters etc.

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1974 was a year of intrigue, burglary questions, missing tapes, civil unrest and impeachment proceedings. The Congressional House Judiciary Committee’s 38 members held hearings on presidential improprieties concerning Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal.

The 38 members of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee met during 1974 and eventually voted to submit 3 articles of impeachment to the full House. Nixon resigned before the House considered the impeachment articles.

Presented here is an incredible collection of over 40 First Day Cover (FDCs) from all 38 members of that 1974 House Judiciary Committee, Chief Minority & Majority  & Assistant Special Council.

These letters date from the 1940’s to 1960’s with the canceled stamp, postmark and *autograph* from every last house member on that Judiciary Committee. We must note that since the authentication process would be laborious on the autographs, we only did a cursory inspection and do not have supporting paperwork for validity. *The majority appear to be hand signed however any or all could be stamped, auto-penned or secretarial.* A few of the pennings have some slight lightening (from age/storage) but all rate a 7+ with the average being 8.

Also included are the original envelopes from the house members addressed to the recipient of all 42. Approximately 1/2 dozen also include a personal typewritten letter to him by the Congressmen.

Incredibly unique collection of FDCs include : Peter Rodino (D-New Jersey); Chairman Harold D. Donohue (D-Massachusetts); Jack Brooks (D-Texas); Robert W. Kastenmeier (D-Wisconsin); Don Edwards (D-California); William L. Hungate (D-Missouri); John Conyers (D-Michigan); Joshua Eilberg (D-Pennsylvania).

Also: Jerome R. Waldie (D-California); Walter Flowers (D-Alabama); (2) James Mann (D-South Carolina); Paul S. Sarbanes (D-Maryland); John F. Seiberling (D-Ohio); George E. Danielson (D-California).

Also: Robert F. Drinan (D-Massachusetts); Charles S. Rangel (D-New York); Barbara Jordan (D-Texas); Ray Thornton (D-Arkansas); Elizabeth Holtzman (D-New York); Wayne Owens (D-Utah); Edward Mezvinsky (D-Iowa).

Republicans (17): Edward Hutchinson (R-Michigan); Robert McClory (R-Illinois); Henry P. Smith III (R-New York); Charles W. Sandman Jr. (R-New Jersey); Tom Railsback (R-Illinois); Charles E. Wiggins (R-California); David Dennis (R-Indiana); Hamilton “Ham” Fish Jr. (R-New York).

Also: Wiley Mayne (R-Iowa); Lawrence J. Hogan (R-Maryland); M. Caldwell Butler (R-Virginia); Delbert L. Latta (R-Ohio); William S. Cohen (R-Maine); Trent Lott (R-Mississippi); Harold V. Froehlich (R-Wisconsin); Carlos J. Moorhead (R-California); Joseph J. Maraziti (R-New Jersey); and 3 Notables – Sam Garrison Chief Minority council – Albert Jenner Assistant Special Council – John Doar Majority Council.

Also included is 45 Juciciary committee 3×5 index cards listing most of the representatives typewritten, July 24th 1974  Milwaukee Journal listing the Who’s Who of the Judiary committee with a story including 40 photo’s and Biography of each one. Also, 16 of the letters are on official US House of Representative envelopes. Incredible pain-stakingly collected piece of  this unforgettable moment in American history. Grab your complete collection of Americana!

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