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Olympic Model Boxing Bag Signed by Muhammad Ali (w/Lengthy Inscription)

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Olympic Model Boxing Bag Signed by Muhammad Ali (w/Lengthy Inscription)

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As is demonstrated in our photo, this boxing bag was autographed by Muhammad Ali. And for embellishment, he added an unusually extensive notation. The medium is a fifty-pound Everlast boxing bag that bears the 1980 Olympics logo (along with a tag line, “Official Boxing Supplier 1984 Olympic Games). Though it’s difficult to do permanent harm to a boxing bag, we’re delighted to report that there’s utterly no damage or irregularity to it. We’re told that this particular bag was displayed in a Philadelphia sporting goods store (i.e. not directly elemental to Olympic training) where Ali once paid a visit, and the renowned pugilist reportedly performed with this bag. It seems that Ali had a contract with Everlast by which he publically appeared in many of the company’s retail outlets where he amicably engaged customers. And it was during such a visit in Philadelphia that the signing took place.

Ultimately, this penning is not simply an off-handed response to a fan’s request; there’s an air of ceremony to Ali’s extended attention in the signing and scribing. Placed in black felt tip, the autograph and its attending inscription are uniformly “6” (cleanly legible throughout, but a bit light due entirely to the absorbant nature of the medium). In full, this magnificent gesture reads: “From Muhammad Ali…Three time world Heavyweight Champion and the Greatest of all Times…after me there will never be another…10-31-87.” And below, he added a primitive “stick man” wearing a boxing glove (how cute). It remains a bit of a mystery that Ali dated the writing in 1987, while the bag dates to an earlier period. Suffice it to say that the autograph and its inscription, however, are supported by the full endorsement of PSA/DNA.

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