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Original Duke Snider Hartland Statue (w/Box, Brochure and Tag)

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Original Duke Snider Hartland Statue (w/Box, Brochure and Tag)

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For those collectors appreciating the whole ensemble, we present this original Hartland statue of Duke Snider – complete with the box, the identification tag, and the standard sales brochure. Of the statue itself, we report that it is mildly (but uniformly) off-white. However, because the box accompanies, we’re inclined to believe that the statue was rarely (if ever) displayed; but instead, it was likely long-stored in the box. (This supports the notion that departures from "perfect white" in Hartlands is explained by the chemistry of the plastic rather than exposure to light or airborne influences.) The integrity of the paint on this piece is above reproach. Those sensitive areas (tip of the nose, chin, elbows, perimeter of the hat’s visor, tips of the shoes and so on) are virtually perfect, and the statue stands firmly. As for the accessories, please consider: 1) The box – no particular blemishes, but a few mild creases; the end flaps have all been repaired at the hinges with transparent tape (internally)…overall, about GD condition. 2) The bat – is of the expected "large" size; it appears to be the original and it’s straight. 3) The fold-up brochure – is of the variety featuring principally figures of the Old West and several of the early baseball productions; it’s about EX. 4) The "Duke Snider" tag – is characterized by a few superficial creases, but no stressing at the hole accommodating the red string; it, too, is about EX. 


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