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Original Masters Green Jacket, One of Only Known Examples Ever Offered For Sale

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Original Masters Green Jacket, One of Only Known Examples Ever Offered For Sale

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The green jacket is the most coveted prize in the golfing world. Nothing compares to slipping on the green overcoat after winning the Masters.

Dating back to 1937, members of the Augusta National club wore green jackets so fans would know who they could approach with questions during the annual tournament. Eventually, Augusta National would become known for the shamrock green outfits. In 1949, each winner of The Master’s was presented with a green jacket to honor his accomplishment of winning the tournament. Security is very tight around these prized possessions. The greatest efforts are taken to ensure that they are never reproduced. The jackets are awarded only to tourament winners and members of Augusta National and rarely allowed off site. This jacket once belonged to a former club member. We will not reveal who the jacket belonged to although it is embroidered on the inner breast.

Highlighting the front is an unmistakable Augusta National circular patch proudly displayed over the left breast. The original three buttons are still affixed – complete with an embossed Augusta National emblem on each button. The back of each gold button reveals they were created by The Waterbury Button Company of Cheshire, Conn. Located on the inside is an Augusta National emblem patch (club member’s name written in fine felt tip) on the left breast, Hamilton Cincinnati swatch (main body manufacturer) and the club member’s name embroidered in yellow thread. The inner right breast pocket contains a nearly undecipherable white tag which reveals the date of creation, size (46) and production number (400109). The jacket appears to be original with no alterations.

Only golf’s most accomplished linksmen have been able to capture the green jacket. This offering allows one lucky bidder a chance to own one of these without all of the hours of preparation, practice and luck involved in winning one.


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