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Original Nike Air Jordan Shoe Store Display, Over 3 Feet Tall

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Original Nike Air Jordan Shoe Store Display, Over 3 Feet Tall

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Michael Jordan’s impact on the shoe industry is like Michelangelo’s on art or Babe Ruth’s on baseball. When Air Jordan took to the sky, he took our breath away and made others become aware that basketball is one of the most graceful games. Nike was basically put on the map because of the exploits of #23. It was suddenly cool to wear sneakers to school, and if you were the coolest of the cool, you sported Air Jordans. This 39″ display was used to advertise the Jordan VI’s – given he is wearing that style of shoe in the ad. While most advertisements are created with cost in mind, this one was made with pan style=”font-style: italic;”>style in mind. Who has a better sense of fashion than MJ? A solid base holds everything together. A brilliant spiral metal piece keeps the shoe in place, and MJ’s stats are placed in the background along with his likeness on top. This beauty rates EX/MT and is without the customary bumps and nicks which many had from the abuse endured as a public display. Most of these limited edition displays saw the dumpster as their final resting spot, this one found at a home (temporarily) at AMI.


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