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Original Vee Jay STEREO “The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage” (Blue Portrait Cover)

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Original Vee Jay STEREO “The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage” (Blue Portrait Cover)

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The Matt Wanhala Collection

Several years ago, while in search of the record “Little G.T.O.” by Ronny and the Daytonas, Matt Wanhala of Salinas, California made his decision to invest in vinyl records. With determination, he compiled a record collection now consisting of some of the finest vinyl records ever pressed. His inspiration to become a collector came after reading Neal Umphred’s Goldmine Record Guide, and the challenge to claim the most valuable records in the hobby became, for him, a crusade. In the course of assembling this fine collection, Matt dealt with many collectors, including the most renowned authority of vinyl records, John Tefteller. The following listings, then, provide several rare opportunities to capture some of the most exclusive treasures in this exciting genre.

By mid-1964 it was clear to the executives at Vee Jay Records that they’d no longer obtain new Beatles material (which, at that point, was firmly in the hands of Capitol Records). In an effort to maximize the few Beatles morsels that they had license to sell, Vee Jay schemed to devise an LP production that incorporated four 1963 Beatles tracks with eight studio recordings performed by Frank Ifield. Titled “Jolly What! The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage” (VJ 1085), the alloyed production was released sparingly in February 1964.

To enhance sales, they discarded the original art (which featured an old man with a Beatles haircut). In its place, they projected a grossly misleading Beatles portrait. By the time the second covers appeared, the public had realized Vee Jay’s deception, and this version sold fewer than the original. (The album reached only #104 on the charts.) Of the measured several “Jolly What!…” albums made, most were monaural – only a meagre few were pressed in stereo. Here then, is one of those scarce survivors, the STEREO variety of “The Beatles and Frank Ifield On Stage.” The record bears the standard black and silver VJ Records label. Both the record and sleeve are trong>Near Mint.

trong>Upon closer inspection we must report that the front (right to center) cover and the corners and one edge were treated to non-professional enhancements intended to camouflage wear. However it does not interfere with the illustrations of The Beatles. Front cover grades EX.

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