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Orville Wright Signed Check

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Orville Wright Signed Check

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Rightfully so, both brothers earned their niche in the history of technology; after all, their united talents introduced the world to powered aviation in 1903. “Firsts” such as theirs had to require nerves of steel. Somebody has to be the first, it was the younger Orville who first took the controls at Kitty Hawk that frosty December morn. And we may remember his trail-blazing odyssey in this offered check. The medium is a counter check executed in 1917 and signed “Orville Wright”, radiating at a perfect “10/10”. Despite its course through processing, the check remains in NM condition with none of its cancellations violating the signature. This is one of the earliest examples of Wright’s signature we have seen.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

1917,Signed  Kitty Hawk,Orville Wright

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