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Paul McCartney Signed Ball PSA/DNA Graded MINT 9

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Paul McCartney Signed Ball PSA/DNA Graded MINT 9

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Some items carry a story that is worthy of sharing. This particular story is one…

The Paul McCartney signature on this Official MLB baseball was obtained by a devout McCartney fan, at a book signing in New York City a couple years ago. McCartney doing any kind of public appearance is an incredibly rare. It was reported that 48 hrs. before McCartney was to appear, there were already 15 people lined up waiting for him. The following morning there were 154 people. This was 30 Hours before the signing! The course of events that followed were: The night skies opened up and freezing rain began bellowing from the clouds. The natural and un-natural elements on the streets prevented anyone of these devout fans from sleeping. As moring came the anticipation and anxiety peaked and before long it was time. As the line started moving, the grim reality faced our anxious fan as he learned that it was strictly the referenced book being signed, and no other items. Some people were ejected from the line for as much as inquiring if McCartney could sign their personal items. When our fan finally was next to be face to face with McCartney, he had concealed ball in his jacket pocket to avoid security seeing. As he approaced the table he explained to Paul the events leading up to this moment and asked if he could sign a baseball. Paul replied in a stately manner “I think I can do that for you mate.” as he reached in his pocket to hand Paul the ball, four security guards grabbed his arm. Paul addressed the guards and said ‘It’s OK, I told him to get it.” As he handed him the ball along with a blue ballpoint pen, McCartney replied “My pen works fine”, and signed a beautiful full name signature across the sweet-spot in black felt tip. He then thanked him polietly and left.

An exceptional item with a wonderful story. To our suprise we are delighted to report that the baseball was signed with the McCartney surname. In recent years Paul typically signs items simply “Paul.” PSA has graded the McCartney signature “MINT 9.”

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