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Paul Waner et al Signed Ball (as Brooklyn Dodger)

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Paul Waner et al Signed Ball (as Brooklyn Dodger)

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There are four autographs on this ball, and their common denominator is that all were once under contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The ball, its stampings now faded beyond identity, is likely an ONL (Frick) and, for that matter, it probably served duty on the playing field as its soiling and several abrasions have rendered it about VG. The signatures – one on each of its panels – are about “3” in strength; all were placed in red ink and all are discernible. Specifically, these are Dixie Walker, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Paul Waner, Luke Sewell and Red Patterson. Luke Sewell, at the end of his career, was indeed purchased by the Dodgers (December 1938) and was then released the following April, having never made an official appearance with the team. Red (A. E.) Patterson was long an Assistant GM in the O’Malley regime. Dixie Walker, “The People’s Cherce”, was, of course, an Ebbets Field fixture for nearly a decade. Quite obviously, though, our interest gravitates to the signing of Hall of Famer, Paul Waner. After gathering most of his 3100 major league hits in Pittsburgh, “Big Poison” (also Brooklynese for “Big Person”), Paul Waner twice modeled Dodger threads, howsoever briefly, and his signature on this ball will display cleanly as a “single.”

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