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Pete Maravich Game-Worn Jersey Uniform New Orleans Jazz – COA 100% Authentic Team-GRADE: 20/20

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Pete Maravich had a legendary start at Louisiana State for his college career. He was a spectacular showman earning one NBA scoring title and played ten seasons in the league with five trips to the NBA All-Star Game. His playground-style moves, circus shots, and behind the back hotdog passes were considered outrageous during his era. But with that style he managed to produce huge numbers, first as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history and later as a potent force for both the Atlanta Hawks and the New Orleans Jazz.

Welcome to the auction block for the first time ever….an authentic Pistol Pete Maravich complete Utah Jazz uniform. Yes, complete as in including both the jersey and shorts! Maravich played for the Jazz between 1974-80. Pistol Pete Maravich memorabilia is truly the holy grail of all basketball uniforms to own. In provenance, the uniform is intricately tied to the New Orleans Jazz team right before they moved to Utah.

During his tenure with the Jazz, Pete wore jersey #44 and #7, and had “Pistol” on the jersey back as well as his surname, “MARAVICH”. The “PISTOL” moniker is associated with his early years in New Orleans prior to the NBA banning nicknames such as “PISTOL”, “ERNIE D”, “E”, “Truck” and others. On this one, his name “MARAVICH” appears on the verso in white single tackle twill block lettering sewn directly onto the back of the shirt. The name on the back is in traditional Sandknit 3″ elongated plain block format. Prior to 1977, Maravich’s shirt was found with “Pistol” on the reverse. Period images show that during the 1977 season his shirt featured his last name “MARAVICH”.

During the early to mid-70’s in the infancy of the franchise, they used local NOB’s and traditional Sand Knit NOB’s. The arch variance and placement were highly variable low placement shallow arch, high placement with steep arch. Inconsistency was the rule with player names on back. Video in January 1978 confirms this exact high arch placement and font for the Jazz road jerseys for the majority of players including Maravich.

The Jazz were principally a Sandknit team during the 1970’s but very late in the decade also used Champion. The jersey/trunks combo (rare in and of itself) is a hybrid uniform representing both manufacturers. The front tail of the jersey features a Medalist Sand Knit tag, “Designed & Tailored Exclusively for the New Orleans Jazz” and below it [size] 42 with wash instructions. This style of tag is appropriate because it was manufactured during the mid- ’70s. It is a transition hybrid form itself. The exclusivity label is from 1970 – 1976 vintage its square format. The size (42) washing instructions label is the 76/77-79/80 rectangular and affixed with glue. Together they were used in tandem during the 75/76, 76/77 label transition years.

Our extensive database of game jersey images also  conclude that several Jazz common players from the same time period also show the same tagging and style. A photo style is also present (and shown) as this jersey compares favorably to those period images.

The road jersey is a purple mesh pull-over style with green and yellow ribbing around the arms and neck openings. Showcased on the front is a screened-on funky “JAZZ” note with basketball logo is across the chest along with his number “7” below.

Also preserved with the jersey and making the uniform complete, is a pair of Maravich’s game worn shorts. They match perfectly with the jersey and are a purple mesh with the same style yellow/green piping (elasticized) around the edges. They were made by Champion – Size L (36-38) with a “7” jersey number patch tag sewn in for easy identification.

In 78-79, the club predominantly using Champion jerseys and trunks with different numeral font and different NOB font and placement. The accompanying rare trunks with drawstrings are made by Champion and sport their label in the waistband. There is an accompanying green twill swatch with a chain link 7 in white adjacent to the main label. The labeling matches exemplars but with high probability hail from the 1978-79 season.

Both garments show solid but not excessive wear and are an exemplary rare display of a Pete Maravich complete uniform. Overall, a tremendous fresh-to-market holy grail uniform that would help complete a top tier NBA HOF game used collection. With a numeric rating system in play here, it would command a 20/20!

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team- Team Sourced

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Be the first to review “Pete Maravich Game-Worn Jersey Uniform New Orleans Jazz – COA 100% Authentic Team-GRADE: 20/20”



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