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Pie Traynor Single-Signed Ball

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Pie Traynor Single-Signed Ball

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Careful scrutiny leads us to speculate that this ball is an ONL (Frick). It once held a number of signatures, but at some point in its being, the ball’s autographs (and/or inscriptions) were effectively removed. Equally obvious is that erstwhile the ball was shellacked – probably over its entire surface. Now what remains is an apparent single-signed Pie Traynor baseball. Placed on the sweet spot, this inking is a bit subdued by the isolated area of shellac, but it’s abundantly distinct (“7”). Of particular note here is that this Pie Traynor autograph projects the vitality of a man in his prime; though we can’t determine the vintage of the ball, there’s rationale that it dates to his playing career.

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