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Pre-Em Pre– No 193900 Serie A Sealed Box of 20-100

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Pre-Em- Far No 193900 Serie A Sealed Box of 20-100

The rarity of the Pre-Embargo cigar is astounding.  Further, this particular brand Farach, Farachitos, I could not find much background info on this cigar, (despite many hours of looking) Farachitos were produced in and they were shipped from Havana to Spain in 1958. Their destination was the largest Cigar distributor in Spain. Shortly after delivery, Castro took power. After the owner of the distributor passed, the estate fell into the equivalent of Spanish probate.  It took literally 20 years for them to clear from the nasty court battle that ensued. Ultimately they were purchased by an individual in the USA and because they were deemed to be Pre-Embargo, they are legal to own in the U.S. In 1978 and then again in 1982 they were put up at auction in NY and Las Vegas.

This Unopened Box of 25 has a glorious history and has had a long journey to get into your hands. We have pictured one of our opened boxes just for “viewing purposes” only.  You are bidding on an unopened box of 20 packs of -3¼ in. -34 Gauge. Pre-embargo Cigars Total 100 Cigars. 

On the outside of the box is the orignal reads Habanos Farach Fabrica De Tabacos De Francisco Farach Haban Todo Hecho A Mano.  Original Seals in tact and unopened.



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