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Rare 1941 “Florida Colored Hoboes” Negro Leagues Poster.

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Rare 1941 “Florida Colored Hoboes” Negro Leagues Poster.

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Rare one, with operative word being “one.” We cannot find record of another Hoboes poster being sold or offered since 1996, and the only other example for public reference, (1944 Hoboes vs New York Black Yankees), is displayed in the Hall of Fame. The vast amount of their history is undocumented, which is why this piece is so important and vital. The poster’s taglines tell some of the story: “A Major League Ball Club in Rags and Bags”, “More Fun Than A Circus”, but the Florida Colored Hoboes were a regional powerhouse in Florida and the Panhandle region throughout the 1940s, beating all opposition with a mix of incredible talent and Globetrotter-worthy displays of skill. Their locale afforded them access to the best southern, Cuban, and Latin players, barnstorming north by train during the summer months, hosting northern teams in the winter in Palm Beach. This two-color offset printed boxing-style poster documents a game of “NIGHT BASEBALL”, “Under Giant Portable Flood Lights” played June 26th, (1941 game in Athol, MA, between the Hoboes and the local Viking Athletic Club. It’s survived 60+ years in incredible original condition, literally EX/MT, and features photos and graphics of the team’s stars, “Hoggy, Trickiest Third Baseman In The Country”, and “Rags Tyson, World’s Fastest Funniest First Baseman”, plus all booking info – with admission price penciled in (“44 cents”). Measures about 17 x 22 inches on firm cardboard stock. Just as nice as it looks here, all original, and most likely, only surviving example.

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