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Rare 1952 Star-Cal Six-Image Decal (N.Y. Giants)

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Rare 1952 Star-Cal Six-Image Decal (N.Y. Giants)

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We may well register this highly visual piece as unique in our industry. It’s a six-image rendering from 1952’s Star-Cal Decal production. Hobbyists familiar with that beautiful issue will remember that these were devised in two formats – the standard single-player cards, and the smaller two-player variety. Here, in a radical departure from either, is a six-player composite measuring 5" x 11". These are consistent with the production’s water decal design, and they’re presented in Meyercord’s familiar window envelope. It’s reasonable to interpret that this piece was not a retail unit, but instead (perhaps) a salesman’s sample. To our knowledge, only one other in this format has ever emerged. That one depicted St. Louis Cardinals, and we’re to understand that its condition was inferior to this offered gem. Delivering images of popular New York Giants (Mays, Irvin, Larry Jansen, Maglie, Bobby Thomson, and Alvin Dark), this piece is fully EX/MT, qualified only by a short split in the window stock at the lower right, and a printing blemish situated in a benign area of the white background. The piece is otherwise clean with no corner wear and it is crease-free. Ultimately, this compelling piece serves an arch-accessory to the advanced Star-Cal collection.

1952,New York Giants  Bobby Thomson,Larry Jansen

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