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Rare 1969 Harlem Globetrotters Team-Signed Basketball (w/18 incl. Ausbie, Lemon, Neal, Hall etc.)

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Rare 1969 Harlem Globetrotters Team-Signed Basketball (w/18 incl. Ausbie, Lemon, Neal, Hall etc.)

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Beautiful official size basketball offering in signatory form, a rare complete roster of the late-60’s Harlem Globetrotters and specifically, year 1969. This was the quintessential ‘Trotters squad of the era, featuring a exhilarating mix of fresh faces and iconic old guard players such as Meadowlark Lemon, Curly Neal, Geese Ausbie and Showboat Hall; the veritable mainstays and marque names which defined these barnstormers as the world’s top live drawing card – and the names most readily recognizable today, penned during an era when the team still competed with the NBA for the nation’s top talent. This bright orange orb was rescued a decade ago from a small museum tucked into a corner of the offices serving Pennsylvania’s Allentown State Fair, a Keystone State institution staged each summer since 1928. It documents a 1969 Globetrotters visit (and no doubt, triumph) to the fairgrounds to demonstrate their otherworldly brand of skill and showmanship, and offers the vintage signatures of the many of the greatest Trotters of all time, including: Meadowlark Lemon, Joe Cunningham, Nate Branch, Hallie Bryant, Ray Lothery, Hubert “Geese” Ausbie, Bob “Showboat” Hall, Doug Himes, Fred “Curly” Neal, Bobby Milton, Jackie Jackson, Mel Davis, Pablo Robertson, Ernie Brock, Bobby Joe Mason and Leon Hiller. “Harlem Globetrotters” and “Allentown Fair 1969” are stenciled in military-style script in bright yellow paint and each player has rendered a near-perfect autograph on the less-than-ideal pebbled surface. This is a dynamic display and the only in-the-era signed Globetrotters ball we can recall seeing anytime in the last several years. Its rarity and potential for impressive display should not be underestimated.

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1969,Ball,Basketball,Card,NBA,Signed  Bobby Joe,Bobby Milton,Doug Himes,Ernie Brock,Hallie Bryant,Jackie Jackson,Joe Cunningham,Joe Mason,Leon Hiller,Mel Davis,Pablo Robertson,Ray Lothery

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