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Rare Connie Hawkins Prototype Suns Jersey

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Rare Connie Hawkins Prototype Suns Jersey

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In their early years, the Suns’ first two major stars were Gail Goodrich and the High Flyin’ Hawk. The team’s uniforms were made by a somewhat obscure company called Spanjian. However, most of the major uniform manufacturers wanted to secure the Phoenix Suns as a client. Through all this lobbying, Sand Knit submitted this particular garment. It was prepared for Connie Hawkins (because of his popularity and his likely influence in directing the team’s decision in its acceptance). The jersey is characterized by its soft “cheesecloth” texture, and alternative styles in font and side-panel design. As should be expected, Sand Knit even fashioned this prototype to include the proper extra length to accommodate Hawkins. As the 1960’s continued into the next decade, Sand Knit indeed claimed a few production contracts with the Phoenix Suns, but this offered jersey is the one that broke the ice, so to speak. Suns collectors and Connie Hawkins admirers must give this piece intense consideration.

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