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Rare James Taylor Signed Blank Apple Records Label (JT’s First Record Company)

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Rare James Taylor Signed Blank Apple Records Label (JT’s First Record Company)

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In 1968 The Beatles were the most successful band in the world. There record sales reached heights that no one ever imagined. Millions were pouring in and Her Majesty was first on the list with open hands waiting for her share, which was a hefty percentage. Financial advisors to The Beatles recommended that they invest their money in some sort of a business before it became part of the crown. The logical decision was a record company, thus came the birth of Apple Records. The Beatles opened their doors to artists and musicians and welcomed unsolicited demos. Musician turned record producer, Peter Asher brought to Apple American singer/songwriter, James Taylor. Impressed by Taylor, The Beatles immediately signed him to the label James Taylor was the first artist signed to Apple and was the first non-Beatles album released by Apple Records. His self-titled debut solo album “James Taylor,” often referred to as The Apple Album, was released in America on February 17, 1969, two months after the British release. Offered is a rare blank Apple Records label that was signed by James Taylor in blue felt tip. In itself this signed label presents a unique remembrance that borders directly on the history of The Beatles.

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