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Rare Ozzy Osbourne Tribute To Randy Rhoads Medal with Ribbon

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Rare Ozzy Osbourne Tribute To Randy Rhoads Medal with Ribbon

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Former Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads joined Ozzy when he went solo in 1980. Two years later, Rhoads died in Florida when he went up in a small plane and the pilot started doing low sweeping passes on Ozzy’s tour bus. On the third pass, the wing hit the bus and the plane crashed into a nearby house, killing Rhoads, the pilot, and the tour hairdresser. Randy Rhoads was only 25 years old. A major contributing factor to the eminent success of Ozzy’s first two solo outings was the brilliant guitar solos from Randy. To honor Randy, Ozzy released an album entitled “Tribute.” Offered is a very rare promotional item from album. Ozzy licensed a medal, similar to that of a war decoration that featured the names of Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads above and below the title “Tribute.” A very small number by comparison to other promotional items were produced and distributed. This is one of the most unique promotional items ever issued.


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