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Rare Roger Maris, signed on the Sweet Spot, & Mickey Mantle, Signed on Side Panel, Official Baseball

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Rare Roger Maris, signed on the Sweet Spot, & Mickey Mantle, Signed on Side Panel, Official Baseball

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Not since the invincible slugging tandem of Ruth and Gehrig has their been such a unified powerhouse as Mantle and Maris. Admittedly, their common tenure in pinstripes was relatively brief, but their impact on the modern chapters of baseball can’t be overstated. That the Yankees were clearly destined for another World Series late in ’61 was a moot point with media and fans alike; first-page headlines were singularly devoted to the race to beat Ruth. The single-season record was broken, and yes, New York made short work of the Reds in October. But now fixed in the memory of the Pastime was this duel of slugging prowess. 1961 is revered as the pinnacle of that dynasty, and its pillars were indisputably these two sluggers. To borrow a term from another age, the ‘karma’ of the two were quite divergent, however. Mantle was fearless and assertive in any social setting; gladly and capably accepting accolades at every turn. Maris, on the other hand, was subdued, introspective and sometimes even sullen. The drama that unfolded in the ’61 season was painfully burdensome to Maris, who found no comfort in imminent fame, and he never did reconcile with his anxious persona. Considering these two character portraits, it’s highly unusual that we behold a ball such as this – Maris on the sweet spot and Mantle on a side panel. Countless times we’ve seen Ruth, Durocher and Reggie Jackson commanding the sweet spot – tacitly respected as the “throne” of a ball. That 1961 was the year of Mantle and Maris is universally acknowledged. That Maris broke the record while, for excusable reasons, Mantle faltered, yet fully substantiates the orientation of these respective autographs. The ball is an OAL (MacPhail) which dates the signings to the period 1974 to 1985. Both autographs are very responsibly placed (9-10) in quality. And though we confess that Maris likely autographed earlier than Mantle (not anticipating Mantle’s signing), this is the proper order for these respective signatures in the context of 1961.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, Mike Gutierrez

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